How Does a Smudge Pot Work?

Many times, our clients will come to us and ask, ”How does a smudge pot work?” The simplest explanation is that you load fuel into a round base and burn it. This produces heat for the surrounding area.

Since the early 1900s, smudge pots have found a purpose in protecting orchards and vineyards and preventing frost from damaging crops. This is especially important for citrus crops due to the nature of the fruits. In this capacity, locking in heat and preventing frost from forming on the trees. While this preservation method has fallen out of style for some, it is still an efficient way to protect orchards from the cold.

Other people prefer to use our smudge pots to help keep their backyard or campground warm and free of bugs. Due to the nature of how these devices release heat through a chimney, they can heat whole areas with relatively little fuel. And because they run on a variety of different fuel sources, you can opt for one that can help control mosquitoes and other pests, citronella oil you can burn to help control mosquitoes and other pests.

If you have any more questions about how a smudge pot works, the team at Smudge Pot Direct is here to help. We carry a variety of different models and can help you find one that works exactly as you need it to. Call us today at (800) 583-3142 or send us an email at for more information or to place an order.