Here are some of the most common questions we get here at Smudge Pot Direct...

How much is shipping and where do you ship?

We ship to anywhere in the lower 48 states for free. There is a fee when shipping to Alaska, and Hawaii. If you are in Canada or another country be sure you are on your countries website and shipping will be included in your pricing as well. 

Can I burn used oil?

We don't recommend it for camp fire replacement or at home back yard use but it's a great for agricultural, industrial, and farm use. You need to be 100% sure there is no water in your fuel or it is VERY dangerous.

What can I burn?

We recommend diesel, kerosene, a fuel alternative (Klean Heat) or even used cooking oil. BE 100% sure there is NEVER water in your fuel. 

How big of an area does it heat?

They heat about 15 feet radius. here are a couple of factors depending on how open your regulator is, fuel you are burning, which return pipe you are using, outside temps and even elevation. 

If you are using for agricultural use you are just trying to keep the air above freezing and usually can get more like 20-30 feet  radius from your smudge pot. 

How do you fill it and how do you refill it?

To fill you are going to remove the regulator cap and pour in fuel.

To re-fill you are going to need to make sure your smudge pot is off and cool. To do this you are going to close the regulator and the lid at the top of the stack. Once your smudge pot has cooled, usually around 45 minutes. You can then remove the regulator cap and pour in your fuel.  

How many hours do they run?
It depends on a couple of factors like outside temps, how open your regulator, fuel you are running, elevation. You will usually get 1.5-2 hours per gallon of diesel running on 2 holes open. 

How much fuel do they hold?

They hold 7-8 gallons of fuel. You want to start off with at least 5 gallons, but for the best run starting with 7 will be the best. 

How do you light it?


How do you turn it off? 

Do these parts fit my old smudge pots?

Our parts don't fit the older smudge pots. Our bases are bigger and stacks are a little more narrow. We do have NEW replacement bottoms for the vintage style smudge pots on the website. https://smudgepotdirect.com/products/brand-new-replacement-bottom-for-vintage-smudge-pot

Do you make parts for older smudge pots?
We currently only offer the new bottom for vintage pots.  

What are they made out of?

They are made of galvanized steal


 We have More HOW to videos and smudge pot information on our Youtube also: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVlUHid-SB_hMHIG7kpzPXQ